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Yellow Teddy

Welcome to my corner of the Shorthand website. My name is Yellow Teddy and I live in Orpington, Kent, with some people, lots of goldfish, and my friends Brown Teddy and Dino. Dino is the friendliest dinosaur in Orpington. I am learning some shorthand because I like drawing and making shapes.

Yellow Teddy writing his name in shorthand

I am writing my name and it says YELO TEDI. When I started I was given some postcards with shorthand words written on for me to play with, so that I could make a game out of guessing what each bit meant. To begin with I was not sure which shape meant which sound. It was hard not to ask, but I worked it out eventually. I really like puzzles so this was just perfect for me!

Shorthand with a cotton bud  Shorthand with a paintbrush  Shorthand with a bamboo stick

The first thing to do is to work out what is the best thing to write with. The cotton bud was good because the shape is big and bold. The paintbrush has a water chamber in the handle, so you could write for some time with the pink watery paint. I quite liked the bamboo stick (which I grew in the garden some time ago). It is cut for fancy writing, so I need to get someone to make a more pointed one that will bend a bit more. The word says "shorthand" and it is one of my favourites.

Yellow Teddy with shorthand card and fish  Yellow Teddy painting shorthand fish card

I was given this card and told it looked like something in the garden. I thought the end bit was a handle for me to hold it, but realised what it was when I went past the pond. You can see from the photo that the goldfish were expecting crumbs! Now I know what the dot is, because it's the same as in Teddy and they are both near the end. I wonder if "fishy" would have another dot as well? Hmmm. But I'm still not asking, because it's still a game, and I will find out in the end. The card was done in painting crayons so I enjoyed spreading the red with water and making it look more like a fish.

My plan is to make some shorthand buns, and if they are successful, I will take photos for you to see. Next time we have spaghetti, that is going to be really really interesting because I suspect it will be laid out on my plate very carefully. UPDATE: We came home really hungry and instead of making short HAND of the spaghetti, we make short WORK of it – maybe next time!

The next card had the word "seed" on it and we went for a walk to look for one. I found a sycamore seed that looked the same as the shorthand. And here it is! I also made a "brass rubbing" with crayons and it looks just like a dragonfly wing. That is because it is a wing! They are brown when ripe, so I can't grow a tree from this one.

Catherine & William

Pitman's New Era: Catherine William

Yellow Teddy watching Catherine and William after the Royal Wedding  Yellow Teddy watching Royal Wedding
I really felt she was waving to me! Now that people will be interested in knowing everything she does from now on, I wonder if she will start a secret shorthand diary that no-one else can read?

Dino typing  Ink bottles being guarded by dinosaurs
Learning shorthand is so much easier when you have a willing helper to look up sets of words. Here is Dino using the onscreen dictionary to find all the words beginning with CH - chocolate, cherry, chopped nuts, cheese, chestnuts, chipolatas, chutney, chapattis, chunky choc chips, the list goes on . . . I see Dino has been tidying the supplies/toy cupboard, and I am glad the one with the biggest teeth is guarding my favourite red ink. I really feel I can write faster with red ink, it must be the excitement!

Yellow Teddy with shorthand wrapping paper 
Someone gave me all the shorthand practice sheets so I could draw pictures on the back, but I thought it would make good wrapping paper. I asked for the JPG of the Christmas Story shorthand and printed it very large on a big sheet of pink paper. I can't read it but I like the squiggles. This must really be the present that Says It All.

Pitman's New Era: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Pitman's New Era: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Pitman's New Era: Season's Greetings
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – Seasons' Greetings

I have edited the plain Christmas message GIF to make it more colourful. I am not sure if the dots are stars or snow.  I think they are stars because if it was snow, all the words would have a layer of white on top of them. Dino is sure the white bit is sugar icing with edible holly shapes and bits of glacé cherries. If I printed some in strips and joined them in circles, maybe I could make a paper chain for my bedroom. I have been told that everyone who visits my page is free to use the pictures for their home-made Christmas cards. If you send out your shorthand cards very early in December, Kind Aunties always end up realising that you need more pens, pencils and shorthand notebooks for Christmas. K.A.'s are surprisingly good at knowing what is on everyone's mind . . .

Here is a link to my own website: www.yellow-teddy.org.uk

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"Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things." (Philippians 4:8)

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